Opposite words for delectable:
unwanted, flat, sad, bilious, revulsive, heartbreaking, sorrowful, distasteful, repellent, boring, unhappy, enraging, angering, lachrymose, perturbing, tasteless, detestable, disheartening, dismal, unwelcome, repugnant, peeving, irksome, depressing, riling, noisome, offensive, miserable, forbidding, annoying, yucky, stale, dreary, sickening, noxious, ghastly, lugubrious, gloomy, hellish, abominable, wretched, mournful, horrid, outraging, upsetting, abhorrent, awful, tedious, unwholesome, stinky, flavorless, vexing, unsavory, pleasureless, vile, smelly, foul, god-awful, joyless, inflaming, regrettable, disagreeable, unappetizing, intimidating, tragic, rankling, deplorable, unpalatable, nauseating, distressing, repulsive, heartrending, banal, dolorous, obnoxious, hostile, unpleasant, aggravating, undesirable, disgusting, insipid, dull, hateful, infuriating, doleful, disturbing, dissatisfying, irritating, odious, lamentable, displeasing, exasperating, commonplace, maddening, incensing.
Usage samples:
  1. She was disconcerted, if not panic- struck, by the violence of his first kiss; but her consternation was delectable to her.
    "Hilda Lessways", Arnold Bennett.
  2. Persons and corporations whose business it was to mill grain, to buy and export it, were quick to take advantage of the opportunity; for the protection offered by the railway meant that here was shipping control of the grain handed out on a silver platter, garnished with all the delectable prospects of satisfying the keenest money hunger.
    "Deep Furrows", Hopkins Moorhouse.
  3. But you and I who sleep on beds of down and inhale the untainted, cherishing air, surrounded by most endeared connexions, know that his cannot be the most delectable of situations: therefor with impatience we look for his happy return to the Circle of his Friends.
    "American Prisoners of the Revolution", Danske Dandridge.
  4. Brunetto Latini wrote in French because " the speech of France is more delectable and more common to all people."
    "Life of St. Francis of Assisi", Paul Sabatier.