Opposite words for cloudy:
transparent, sunlit, hopeful, sunshiny, joyful, brightened, bright, encouraging, jolly, clarified, crystalline, lit, cheery, translucent, clear, purified, lightened, joyous, mirthful, blithesome, cheering, cheerful, pellucid, illumined, blithe, serene, gay, limpid, clean, dazzling, distinct, merry, jocund, filtered, illuminated, comforting, friendly, radiant, lightsome, cordial, sunny, buoyant, unclouded, clement, festive, optimistic, colorless, cloudless, uncolored, heartwarming, brilliant, shiny, crystal clear, fair, lighthearted.
Usage samples:
  1. O sweet and cloudy gleam of the garments golden!
    "Medea of Euripedes", Euripedes.
  2. It did not seem to come from reflection of the light of stars or the moon, because the sky was cloudy at the time.
    "An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet", A. Henry Savage Landor.
  3. You are cloudy to- day, my friend; you have been too long alone, and are consumed by your own thoughts.
    "Dawn", Mrs. Harriet A. Adams.
  4. His deep- set eyes glowed like two bright stars under the cloudy edge of his broad- brimmed hat.
    "The Redemption of David Corson", Charles Frederic Goss.