Opposite words for barrel:
ray, speck, paucity, inadequacy, dearth, fragment, glimmer, portion, atom, absence, flyspeck, peanuts, section, mouthful, driblet, sprinkle, scarcity, tittle, shadow, little, lick, suspicion, touch, shred, poverty, dash, whit, insufficiency, fleck, shade, skimpiness, jot, handful, hint, dot, pinch, mite, scintilla, scantness, tad, undersupply, particle, deficiency, scarceness, lack, want, meagerness, grain, dab, bit, ounce, nubbin, deficit, shortage, nip, famine, iota, trace, dram, scruple, taste, granule, smattering, scrap, drop, spot, smidgen, sprinkling, crumb, strain, smatter, streak, piece, mote, shot, pittance, ace, scantiness, modicum, molecule, morsel.
Usage samples:
  1. " A week since father died, A week since father died," cried the barrel- organ.
    "The Garden Party", Katherine Mansfield.
  2. He had me over a barrel.
    "Tinker's Dam", Joseph Tinker.
  3. So he did proceed to pull out another thousand dollars from an inside pocket and add it to the pile on the barrel- head.
    "Courts and Criminals", Arthur Train.
  4. Penny and her father found themselves gazing directly into the barrel of a gun.
    "Swamp Island", Mildred A. Wirt.