Opposite words for appreciation:
disenchantment, revulsion, disgruntlement, unhappiness, hatred, discontent, aversion, ungratefulness, ingratitude, repulsion, disappointment, unappreciation, deprecation, disfavor, disregard, disdain, disinclination, contempt, noncomprehension, depreciation, misinterpretation, disliking, abomination, opprobrium, disapproval, hate, misperception, condemnation, disillusionment, misapprehension, antipathy, loathing, distaste, repugnance, displeasure, scorn, disgust, indignation, incomprehension, miscomprehension, dislike, detestation, misunderstanding, nausea, thanklessness, dissatisfaction.
Usage samples:
  1. My elder brother, with whom I had exchanged many letters on the subject of Christianity ever since I had embraced it myself, without apparently making much impression on him, wrote to me now- having heard of the step I had taken- to express his appreciation of what I had done.
    "Some Jewish Witnesses For Christ", Rev. A. Bernstein, B.D..
  2. Burke heartily returned this high appreciation.
    "Burke", John Morley.
  3. The same night I hinted something of my appreciation of the dramatic quality of the stir at the Hall door to Frank Jervaise, Brenda's brother, and he, quite obviously, had altogether missed that aspect of the affair.
    "The Jervaise Comedy", J. D. Beresford.
  4. As there seemed no choice in the matter we expressed our tremendous appreciation of the honour, and instructed Hassan to keep an eye on their pockets.
    "By Desert Ways to Baghdad", Louisa Jebb.