Opposite words for animate:
inanimate, zombielike, languid, terminated, lackadaisical, inactive, lethargic, lapsed, blunt, cold, impassive, expired, non-living, reposing, fading, torpid, resting, gone, languishing, tired, apathetic, insensate, moribund, deceased, stolid, insentient, lazy, finished, asleep, dull, spiritless, extinct, perished, weary, nonliving, irksome, dead, absent, indolent, ghostlike, leaden, lifeless, listless, limp, boring, languorous, ghosty, inert, phlegmatic, nonexistent, deaden, vanished, vapid, barren, desert, breathless, dispirited, tedious, stillborn, fallen, nonconscious, defunct, unambitious, lost, ghostly, sleepy, wiped out, departed, dying, sluggish.
Usage samples:
  1. Their late unsuccessful attack only served to animate the officers and crews with a noble enthusiasm, and a desire to put their valour to another but a fairer trial; and they well knew that their Admiral would lead them to the combat with that consummate skill, and deliberate courage which had so justly rendered his name illustrious.
    "Memoirs and Correspondence of Admiral Lord de Saumarez, Vol. I", Sir John Ross.
  2. With that desperate resolution to animate her, she opened the glass door at the top of the steps, and went into the room.
    "Man and Wife", Wilkie Collins.
  3. It is a vain endeavour to realise the countless numbers of our fellow- citizens upon the Earth; but, for our purpose, the restless ants, and the pines solemnly quiet in the sunshine, have served as types of animate things.
    "The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays", J. (John) Joly.
  4. To my certain knowledge, Dr. Fu- Manchu at this time had been in England for fully three months, which meant that by now he must be equipped with all the instruments of destruction, animate and inanimate, which dread experience had taught me to associate with him.
    "The Devil Doctor", Sax Rohmer.