Opposite words for angelic:
hateful, evil.
Usage samples:
  1. The nurse smiled as if it were the best joke, in a mild way, in the world, and answered Ida's further questions while she administered beef tea with an air of pride and satisfaction which made her plain and homely face seem angelic to Ida.
    "At Love's Cost", Charles Garvice.
  2. You are the most angelic-" " Peggy!
    "Fernley House", Laura E. Richards.
  3. He obtained the necessary permission, bought a canvas six feet high, and sat himself before a picture by Nicolas Poussin, I think: a group of angelic women carrying another woman though the air up to heaven.
    "The Martian", George Du Maurier.
  4. There was in it something indescribably youthful and innocent, almost angelic.
    "The Portion of Labor", Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.