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Antonyms of MATURITY:
immatureness, immaturity, babyhood, infancy, toddlerhood, adolescence, childhood, youth, minority, nonage, freshness, prime, youthfulness, juvenility, youngness.
Examples of usage:
  1. His father, who was mayor of the village, died before Paul reached maturity.
    "The Story of Our Hymns", Ernest Edwin Ryden.
  2. His large luminous eyes rested with tolerant placidity upon the face of this man whom he must consider, according to his tenets, as a creature antagonistic to the true gods, and said, in his soft, modulated voice: Thou art young, Sahib, and full of the life force which is essential to the things of the earth- thou art like the blossom of the mhowa tree that comes forth upon bare limbs before the maturity of its foliage, it is then, as thou art, joyous in the freshness of awaking life.
    "Caste", W. A. Fraser.
  3. It was to be through her also that he reached the height of his career: his perfection of maturity.
    "The Genius", Margaret Horton Potter.