Antonyms of lambent:
dull, blackened, dark, darkened, darkish, darkling, darksome, dimmed, dusky, gloomy, lightless, murky, obscure, obscured, pitch-black, pitch-dark, somber, sunless, tenebrous, unlit, cloudy, shadowlike, shadowy, shady, gray, leaden, pale, palish, dim, lackluster, unbright, unbrilliant.
Examples of usage:
  1. It does not owe its marvelous effects to reflections from the sky, for no sky ever had such an intense blue, filled with lambent light.
    "See America First", Orville O. Hiestand.
  2. Under the soothing influence of the heat and the lambent motions of the flames, he fell into a condition which was not sleep, and as little was waking.
    "Home Again", George MacDonald.
  3. And it ended abruptly, a rounded depth of bank, on a broad stream of clear sky, intensely blue, transparently blue, as if through the lambent depths shone the infinite firmament.
    "The Call of the Canyon", Zane Grey.