Antonyms of insect:
chief, head, lead, leader, celebrity, luminary, notable, personality, planet, star, superstar, authority, superior, great power, party, power, big shot, big wheel, bigwig, eminence, figure, kahuna, kingpin, magnate, nabob, personage, somebody, vip.
Examples of usage:
  1. She smiled with her closed insect lips.
    "Corpus of a Siam Mosquito", Steven Sills.
  2. But the most important precaution is to avoid growing the crop year after year upon the same ground, especially after the insect has made its appearance.
    "The Cauliflower", A. A. Crozier.
  3. This insect seems to be one of those links which connect such genera as Anoplognathus, Amblyterus and Brachysternus, and it is very difficult to say to which of these genera it is most allied.
    "Journals Of Two Expeditions Of Discovery In North-West And Western Australia, Vol. 2 (of 2)", George Grey.