Antonyms of HERCULEAN

Examples of usage:

  1. You have done a perfectly Herculean amount of the most difficult productive work, and I believe you to be much more tired than you probably yourself suppose or know. "The Letters of William James, Vol. II" by William James
  2. By a herculean effort he restrained his feelings, and answered lightly, " You shall keep your friend, my sorceress of song," but he added under his breath, " Look to it, when the lover comes, for you may still lose him." "An American Suffragette" by Isaac N. Stevens
  3. It was a herculean task, no doubt, to plug up all the fountains of talk in Tilling which were spouting so merrily at her expense, but a beginning must be made before she could arrive at the end. "Miss Mapp" by Edward Frederic Benson
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