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  1. This nosepaint feels raw an' over- fervid; a leetle dilootion won't injure it none. "Wolfville Nights" by Alfred Lewis
  2. It is more fervid because the men practising it lived habitually nearer to the danger- point, and, when they spoke of dying for the City, spoke of a thing they had faced last week and might face again to- morrow. "Five Stages of Greek Religion" by Gilbert Murray

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    Antonyms Test Part 1

    Antonyms Directions: Each of sample antonym questions consists of a ... D. withhold consent. E. misrepresent 11. SQUALID A. fervid. B. florid

    Lesson 12

    fervid. FUR vid ardent, burning, impassioned. Synonyms >> fervent, passionate, perfervid. Antonym >> indifferent. The evangelist is a fervid crusader against sin.

    Fervid - definition of fervid by The Free Dictionary

    Define fervid. fervid synonyms, fervid pronunciation, fervid translation, English dictionary definition of ... ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:.

    Lesson 28

    Antonym >> indifferent. I have a fervent love for that man. 11. Derivatives >> fervency, fervently, ferventness, fervid, fervidly, fervidity, fervidness. Lesson 28.
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