Antonyms of FERRETS

Examples of usage:

  1. Hilary is like a little woodland faun, half Greek and half gipsy; she knows the note of every bird, and the haunt of every animal; she is terribly out of place in a drawing- room, but is on intimate terms with every young poacher in the district; squirrels come and sit on her shoulder, which is pretty, and she carries ferrets in her pockets, which is dreadful; she never reads a book, and has not got a single accomplishment, but she is fascinating and fearless, and wiser, in her own way, than any pedant or bookworm. "Reviews" by Oscar Wilde
  2. They saw the Kerries, and afterwards there were the rabbits, and the ferrets, and the guinea- pigs to be visited. "Mary Gray" by Katharine Tynan
  3. A longing for the chase took possession of me, and, to ensure success, I caused the huntsmen to take greyhounds and ferrets. "The Book of the Duke of True Lovers" by Christiné de Pisan
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