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  • disconnected, discordant, discordant.
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Antonyms of FACER
Examples of usage:
  1. His facer looked granite. - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith" by George Meredith
  2. It was a facer for Balcom and he quickly guided the conversation into less dangerous channels. - "The Master Mystery" by Arthur B. Reeve and John W. Grey
  3. This was more than enough for the much- enduring, much- perspiring shepherd, who, with a gleam of joy over his broad visage, delivered a terrific facer upon our large, vague, benevolent, middle- aged friend- who went down like a shot. - "Famous Stories Every Child Should Know" by Various
  4. This was rather a facer, and I felt angry with Jim! - "The Red Symbol" by John Ironside
  5. After this facer Browne did not know quite what to say. - "The Red Rat's Daughter" by Guy Boothby
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