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Antonyms of ENTWINED
Examples of usage:
  1. And though she had entwined herself about his heart, though she had seemed to him all gentleness, goodness, truth- she was still her mother's daughter! - "Chippinge Borough" by Stanley J. Weyman
  2. He was entwined with her, could act only if her will and his were one. - "The Dark Flower" by John Galsworthy
  3. She entwined her hands one within the other, pressing them to pain. - "East Lynne" by Mrs. Henry Wood
  4. It was very much the same sort of crowd as in the morning, but it was less covert in its ways- hands were linked, even here and there waists entwined.... - "Joanna Godden" by Sheila Kaye-Smith
  5. It might have been amusing to tame the girl herself, but it would certainly have been troublesome; and it was less trouble to wander in the rose- strewn galleries among the painted pillars, entwined with Lysidice or Hypsipyle, whispering strange songs and feeding on strange thoughts. - "The Proud Prince" by Justin Huntly McCarthy
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