Antonyms of DOCTRINE

Examples of usage:

  1. This last really is Mr. Darwin's theory, except in so far as it is also Mr. A. R. Wallace's; descent, alone, is just as much and just as little Mr. Darwin's doctrine as it is Professor Ray Lankester's or mine. "Luck or Cunning?" by Samuel Butler
  2. But that is very uncommon doctrine. "Anna St. Ives" by Thomas Holcroft
  3. That is the doctrine preached by a great latter- day philosopher; for myself, I think that the faculty of speech is much more beautiful- of speech if it be made but by howlings, and wailings, and loud clappings of the hand. "Castle Richmond" by Anthony Trollope
  4. Now it was the real doctrine. "Children of the Market Place" by Edgar Lee Masters
  5. Sound doctrine, Mr. Lyman. "Old Ebenezer" by Opie Read
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