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Antonyms of DESTRUCTIVE:
constructive, formative, inferential, rehabilitative, reconstructive, creative, shaping, plastic, structural, advantageous, favorable, helpful, profitable, serviceable, beneficent, good, invigorating, rejuvenating, useful, beneficial, healthful, life-giving, salutary, wholesome, preservative, protective, productive, harmless, innocent, innocuous, inoffensive, ameliorative, healthy, nonfatal, nonlethal, salubrious, nondestructive, fluky, fortuitous, fortunate, happy, lucky, providential, auspicious, bright, encouraging, fair, golden, heartening, hopeful, optimistic, promising, propitious, rose-colored, rosy, upbeat.
Misspellings for DESTRUCTIVE:
destrictive, distrupitive, restrective, destinictive, distrubtive, destructful, dectective, descricptive, distictive, ristrictive, restricitive, distructively, disturptive, destictive, sttractive, destructed, desticntive, destuctive, destinctive, disticntive, distrinctive, destrucktive, derstructive, distrubutive, costructive, distructable, destructives, destrctive, distinktive, describtive, destrucitve, desturctive, cosntructive, despricptive, restrictuve, distructive, desrtuctive, detructive, dispruptive, desctructive, disturctive, ddestructive, destrustive, desructive, disrubtive, describitive, destrutive, distuctive, disctructive, disitinctive, destructin, restrivctive, descrpitive, districtwide, distigtive, destructuon, desrutcting, destructuion, destrucive, distructful, destructable, descructive, distrutive, destructivley, restrctive, destructivly, destrucitive, restricitve, destractive, osbtructive, distruptive, destructing, destrcutive, distnctive, distributative, recostructive.
Examples of usage:
  1. The hardships of the camp and the campaign are more destructive of animal than human flesh.
    "Three Years in the Federal Cavalry", Willard Glazier.
  2. Just two, just a man and a woman, emerging from all the destructive might of the world.
    "Dan Merrithew", Lawrence Perry.
  3. That attempt is destructive to morals and dangerous to character.
    "The High Calling", Charles M. Sheldon.