Antonyms of BUOYANCY

Examples of usage:

  1. " Glad to see you here," he said, with a kind of bright buoyancy. "Under the Skylights" by Henry Blake Fuller
  2. When they turned their backs upon a quelled insurrection, there was a gap that not even French buoyancy could fill. "Cumner & South Sea Folk, v5" by Gilbert Parker
  3. They are pushed up by the buoyancy of the air. "Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study" by Ontario Ministry of Education
  4. That evening Helen's spirits rose to their natural buoyancy, and Percival's heart was once more set at ease by her silvery laugh. "Lucretia, Volume 6." by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  5. His buoyancy, unless checked, might carry him too high among the clouds. "Ralph the Heir" by Anthony Trollope
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