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  1. Since her father's death, the bereaved girl had been occupied by matters of law and business, by affairs of the estate; but the first pressure was over, long letters had been written to David which might never reach him; and now, when the strain was withdrawn, the gentle mind was lost in a grey mist of quiet suffering. "The Weavers, Complete" by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009
  2. And if he asked me why I wanted it, and why I thought I had any right to it, I would tell him, little as he cared for such poor dreams, that I had loved Estella dearly and long, and that although I had lost her, and must live a bereaved life, whatever concerned her was still nearer and dearer to me than anything else in the world. "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens
  3. If he makes any exception to his general practice of limiting his representation to the class of royal and noble personages, it is in the glimpse which he affords of devoted loyalty in the person of Palinurus and of affection and grief in that of the bereaved mother of Euryalus. "The Roman Poets of the Augustan Age: Virgil" by W. Y. Sellar

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